A shortlist of useful digital tools that will make your life easier

So many companies ask their employees to struggle with digital tools that are unusable. When I’m looking for jobs it’s one of the main things I look for – call it ‘Company UX’. Here’s a list of good tools you may want to investigate for you, or your business.

SLACK (Team collaboration)
Grammarly (Live spelling and grammar checking)
Google Drive (Document storage)
Google Keep (Note taking)
Google Slides, Docs, Sheets (Document creation)
Trello (Project management)
Basecamp (Project management)
Zapier (Sales)
Zoom (Video conferencing)
HiBob (HR records)
Xero (Accounting and expenses)
Unsplash (Royalty free pictures)
Pexels (Royalty free pictures)
Canva (Designs)
Facebook Workplace
Missions (SLACKbots)
Chatfuel (Facebook Messenger chatbots)
Powtoon (Animations)
Adobe Premiere Pro (Editing)
Quicktime (Video and audio recording)
Wordpress (Website building)
Camtasia (Video editing and screencasts)

What are yours?

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