A quick guide for deciding what learning content, goes in what format

It’s really important if you’re in the business of building learning resources, to have a model for choosing the correct format for your learning content. If you get it wrong you can end up with videos nobody watches, or written content nobody reads.

Here’s a diagram (Content Care Scale) I created to explain this process to clients. It might be useful for you too.

Content Care Scale Downloadslide1

A brief explanation, I think, is all that’s needed. In organisations there will be things people really care about, like doing their expenses, and things they really don’t care about, like compliance training.

When people really care about something, all they need is the very specific and relevant information. It can be text, it doesn’t need to be pretty, it just needs to be clear.

When people don’t care about something, that’s when you need to deploy the power of rich media to convince people. For example, a video showing the dangers of poor data security, or even a classroom experience that simulates the consequences.

What I see happen a lot, is people taking things that people don’t care about, and putting them in a document – newsflash, no one will bother reading it. Or spending money on a video when content could just be delivered in a simple-to-use checklist, or key facts guide.

There’s a lot more to it than this, but this is the first step in making sure your learning content is put in the right format for your audience.

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