Script Writing Perspective

How exciting for you all, my first blog! This could be the start of something special but, more likely, the start of the millionth blog by a human being set to fade into obscurity like millions of others; striving like so many to excel and overcome, only to be lost in the annals of history. As Oliver Reed says in Gladiator by Ridley Scott… “shadows and dust”.

Anyway, my frustration with modern British society aside what do I have to offer my dear reader? Well, all I can really offer is myself or a perspective of myself, derived from myself. Yes I have studied philosophy and it is philosophy that teaches us to question everything and that in short, we are minds trapped in bodies that see the world in one sense and spend the rest of our lives trying to convince others of our perspectives. So all I can really hope is that you appreciate what I am writing and in some way my journey into the abyss of film somehow reaches you and connects with you. If we can join together in mutual understanding, our endeavors are far greater than striking out on our own…

So what am I doing…? Script writing. The first thing I would say about this is that in my very limited experience EVERYONE IS A SCRIPT WRITER. By that I mean everyone who writes is a writer… and that doesn’t mean they are any good. The best one can hope for, I think, is to understand the limits of one’s own limitations and to write what one knows. I don’t mean I think people who have fought in a war are the only ones that should write war; but I’d say – write a theme which reflects your own life, something that you find interesting will, I think, more often than not be interesting to other people. Interest is infectious.

My example firstly is I am writing a script about vicarious living, by this I mean people living through other people, such as an overbearing parent. There is a strong personal history to be explored and a strong conflict of wills between a child who is trying to develop in their own way, and a parent who tries to push them another way simply to satisfy their own failings. Written like that the theme gives much more force than the script produces. I have many more drafts to do… clearly.

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